An overview of Open Source word lists for spell checking.

Tools for spell checking dictionary management

We discuss the development of software for dictionary management on the dsdo mailing list at hacking.dk.

The "speling.org" system
This software package should contain everything you need to maintain a dictionary. At least DSDO or FOTR.
A program for updating your installed spell checking dictionary. Depending on whether you save it as `update_dsdo`, `update_fotr` or `update_sol` will it update respectively your Danish, Faroese or Swedish spell checking dictionary.
Warning: There is also an `update_dictionary` command in the "speling.org" package, so it is important to rename the program, if you want to have both tools installed on the same machine.
The Spell Checking Dictionary Feedback Script forwards updates to your personal dictionaries (only the Danish, Faroese, Norwegian and Swedish ones at the moment) to the current speling.org maintainer for the respective dictionaries. It is distributed under the Beer-Ware License (revision 42).
The scripts and files we use to collect and package the dictionaries for distribution.

Hosting under the speling.org domain

We haven't made any clear rules for the use of the speling.org domain, but it is our intention that all projects working on free spell checking dictionaries should be welcome to have their project under the speling.org domain.

The two (non-exclusive) options we consider are:

Please contact <admin@tyge.sslug.dk> for further information.